Works and Directions (Selection)

Fischer Annotation. Berlin/Baden-Baden 2018.

Thirteen eight sixty-one. Commemoration of the building of the Berlin Wall , 2016.

The Balloon. A German C(h)ase. Music Theatre. Berlin 2015. Radiodrama, Berlin 2016.

Certain / Uncertain. Installation. University for Fine Arts Dresden 2014.

idem. Music Theatre. Hebbel am Ufer Berlin 2013.

Infamous Perspectives. Theatre-Experiment based on the play “Aalst” by Pol Heyvaert, Sophiensæle Berlin 2013

participants and objectives. 8 takes on filming music by Daniel Kötter, Julian Klein and raumlaborberlin, Humboldt Lab Dahlem, Ethnological Museum Berlin 2013.

Reading Ciaccona – 8 Versions of Chaconne by Bach: Rhizome – Sinfonia – Prime – Dare to ask you something – Ghost – Bar 89 – Spine – Floor (2012. a rose is. Radialsystem V Berlin)

Hans Schleif. 2011. with Matthias Neukirch. Deutsches Theater Berlin

John Cage: Theatre Piece / Seminar Piece after John Cage (2010. Universität der Künste Berlin)

Emolution 2010 (2010. Radialsystem V Berlin)

Do birds tango? (2010. Radialsystem V Berlin)

BrainCheck – Theatre Experiment (2010. sophiensaele Berlin)

I think there is a problem, you know, somewhere, but, mmmm (2009. Radialsystem V, Berlin)

I mean, I have some things to think about, so, that’s that’s that’s good (2009. Radialsystem V, Berlin)

sub date – an experience of the Frankfurt U-Bahn (2009. University for Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main)

HUM – the Art of Collecting (2008. a taxomanic parcours through the research collections of the Natural History Museum Berlin)

So actually I was being you the whole time, and I didn’t even know (2006. Performance, mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Ballhaus Ost Berlin)

Interpreters (2005. Performance TESLA at Podewil Berlin)

I do a lot of things that I don’t do, and I don’t do some things that I do do, but not always (2005. Salon Performance. Hebbel am Ufer Berlin)

WINDOWS (2004. Theaterhaus Stuttgart)

machone @ X Wohnungen (2004. Hiphop Performance in an Kreuzbergian Private Flat. Hebbel am Ufer Berlin)

str_ng (2003. Installation for three strings, Video and Live-Elektronik. Klangwerkstatt Berlin)

But now for the profound truth maybe (2003. Concertperformance. Göttingen)

adsense (2003. Start of a Performance-Series. Viktoria Theater Gent)

Brain study  (2001. Headphone-Radioinstallation for Brain-Ensemble Hessischer Rundfunk / 2004. Live-Performance Haus der Berliner Festspiele)

Buck’s Dream (2002. Radio / Dreamer: Christian Buck. DLR Berlin)

we do not remember (2001. Theatre production)

where you were (2001.)

Short Lives of the Iditots (2001. Radioplay after Ermanno Cavazzoni. Hessischer Rundfunk)

Inside – I think I am  (1999/2000. Hessischer Rundfunk)